Applied Kinesiology Shortcuts Part 1

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This is ideal for anyone using muscle testing in their practice who wants to work smarter, not harder to get longer lasting results in shorter time.

You will receive assignments and quizzes on the material to assure you learn how to perform each skill with proficiency. You’ll also have 7 hours of additional webinar coaching sessions with Dr. Deal to get answers to your questions and gain additional insights.

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  What You'll Learn In Each Class of AK Shortcuts Part 1

Class 1

  • Therapy Localization to determine where to work
  • The Priority Mode to find what needs fixed first
  • The More Mode to see if more work is needed
  • Pause Lock to make your work easier
  • Hand Modes to find if structural, nutritional, emotional or electrical corrections are needed
  • Surrogate Testing for those unable to test

Class 3

  • Temporal Tapping and its applications
  • How to find and clear leaks in the electrical field
  • Correcting narcolepsy and fatigue
  • B Vitamins and their application to specific conditions
  • The value of the heart hug
  • How to reset the body clock
  • How to correct allergies in 30 seconds
  • How to clear addictions
  • Treating allergies for what you don’t want to give up
  • The 5 Energy Circuits to help people with fatigue

Class 5

  • The Stress Syndrome and how to correct it
  • Some nutrition tips
  • Two point nutrition and the Ridler reflexes
  • Spinal fixations and how to correct them
  • Key acupuncture points to alleviate headaches
  • Correcting hearing problems
  • Niacin and its value in health
  • Five-minute phobia cure
  • Nutrition for each blood type
  • Nutrition for far-sidedness and near-sidedness
  • Treating Parkinson’s disease with acupressure
  • Rapid Eye Movement test for ICV and Houston valve
  • How to correct snoring and sleep apnea

Class 2

  • Several acupuncture shortcuts to quickly find:
  • Which acupuncture points need balancing
  • Which side has over energy meridians
  • Which meridians are under energy and which side of the body they are located on
  • A way to balance all the meridians in seconds
  • How to clear every point on a meridian
  • Which acu point will balance all meridians
  • Balancing acu points with lasers and magnets
  • Balancing chakras through sound and color
  • Color for each day and the color bracelets
  • How to ask the body questions

Class 4

  • Color and Its relationship to musical notes
  • Programming crystals for healing
  • Treating three different types of adrenal conditions
  • Treating TMJ to clear 72% of what is out on a patient
  • Applications for eccentric & concentric muscle tests
  • Injury Recall Technique
  • How to test and reduce homocysteine levels

What Others Are Saying

Dr. Deal's online courses are very well organized. The videos of each technique are indexed, with easy to follow procedures written under the video player. I've found this information easier to learn than any other course I've studied!

Randy Meltzer 

An incredibly informative and practical class. I can't wait to put this into my practice.

Joy King 

I found this information to be life changing - for both me and my patients.

Cherry Brady 

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