Dr. Deal's AK Shortcuts Online Courses Spring Sale

Get Lifetime Access to all 5 Courses and Save $1,500

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Your Investment in Lifetime Access to all of the AK Shortcuts is $4,495 $2,995

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Each course contains over forty professional filmed and edited videos and procedural manuals,
plus several hours of Q&A sessions with Dr. Deal and PowerPoints to help you master the material.
Click the videos below to watch samples and scroll down to see what’s in each course.

Accurate Muscle Testing

Reset the Body Clock

Balancing Blood Chemistry

Victimization Clearing Technique

Priority Testing

“Dr. Deal’s courses literally changed my life. I have studied many natural healing therapies, but none that have had such outstanding results. I’ve helped so many people who have been suffering for years without relief. Taking the AK Shortcuts courses will be the best decision you’ve ever made,” Sherie Deen, Manchester, England

Save $2,500 and get lifetime access to all five of these valuable courses.

You’ll get over 200 highly effective easy-to-use protocols to become more confident and successful in your practice and improve your own health.

AK Shortcuts – Part 1

Applied Kinesiology Shortcuts Part 1

AK Shortcuts – Part 2

Applied Kinesiology Shortcuts Part 2

AK Shortcuts – Part 3

Applied Kinesiology Shortcuts Part 3

Applied Kinesiology
for the Endocrine System

Applied Kinesiology Endocrine System

Treat 20 Conditions
with Advanced Kinesiology

Advanced kinesiology: Treat 20 Conditions
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Enroll by April 15th to Claim Your Savings
Your Investment in Training to Dr. Deal's AK Shortcuts $4,495 $2,995

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