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Essential Kinesiology Techniques for Muscle Testing Practitioners

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This full color 280 page book is unique in its field. Not only is it a cornerstone textbook for trainees in Muscle Response Testing, but is a body of work that will prove to be an excellent reference manual for any established Kinesiologists.
It contains well-researched background content as well as step-by-step protocols that are very easy to follow with examples of how to use these in a clinic setting.

A brand new professional manual for Kinesiologists that includes many finger modes and both popular and fundamental techniques in the field. May also suit students and other relevant therapists.

Covers over 80 tests & corrections across the main application categories:

General & Mixed
Also covers sections on:

Client Management
Finger Modes
Circuit Retaining Mode
Rules for Therapy Localisation and Challenge
* Plus there is a quick reference table at the back for the protocols and also a list of suggested procedures for various health issues (alphabetically arranged)

* Sections are colored coded so you can quickly access the information – important for any reference. The manual is colorful and logical with many great photographs and very clear diagrams.

* For ease of use the manual is wire ring bound and sits flat and the pages turn very easily. A4 size.

* 246 pages of accessible and usable kinesiology techniques.

Click on optional pictures to samples some of the pages.

“Terry Larder is a truly knowledgeable and enthusiastic kinesiology practitioner and teacher. So, it is no surprise that she’s created such a detailed and comprehensive book, bringing together a lot of kinesiology knowledge into a practical and easily accessible reference work. Kinesiology practitioners and teachers will be referring to this definitive manual for many years to come.”
Jane Thurnell-Read

“Despite increasing popularity and media coverage, kinesiology remains a somewhat arcane subject and undervalued therapy, with few books available to illuminate its inner workings ……(Terry’s) valuable insights in the form of this delightful monograph are particularly welcome. This is undoubtedly a remarkable resource that will be cherished for years to come by students and seasoned practitioners alike.”
Sherridan L. Stock BSc(Hons) CBiol FRSB FZS FRES Dip KA

“This book is the cornerstone for the training of new students who aspire to become professionals and is an excellent reference manual for any established kinesiologists who want to ensure that they are using techniques correctly.”
The Kinesiology Association (UK)

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