Kinesiology for Home Health Practioners

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Overview of the Program

This program is designed to give you the knowledge and skill to build a successful practice helping others transform the quality of their health and lives as a holistic health consultant.

In the eighteen-month course, you will get a variety of different forms of instruction, supervision and mentoring to master the skills of kinesiology. It combines 40 days of hands-on workshops spread over 24 months (choose from Northern & Southern California and the East Coast, on-line training and webinars, along with one-on-one and group coaching, to give you a very rich educational experience.

Here you can also clear your own physical and emotional issues in a very supportive environment. You will forever change your life for the better by building a healthy lifestyle, including diet, exercise, mental disciplines, and spiritual attunement, that will take you to a profound new level of health, happiness, and success.

If you are new to working in the health field, this program will give you comprehensive knowledge and skill to launch a successful career. If you are already certified as a health practitioner, you can integrate this training with other approaches or use it as a stand-alone system.

Creative payment options are available.

Call toll-free any day between 8:00am – 7:00pm Pacific time to find out how you can earn your tuition as you do the program, and put yourself in place to develop a substantial income.

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