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Online Training from the comfort of your home with lifetime access

Tuition is $1,497 

Become Certified through Hands-on and Online Training.

If you’re currently a natural health professional or want to become one, this comprehensive program will train you in many powerful skills and protocols to help you transform the lives of your clients, as well as the lives of your family, friends and yourself.

This is also perfect if you want to develop a new career in an exciting field and become successful helping people achieve optimum health and longevity. You do not have to have any formal training in health care.

What the Program Consists Of:

  • Twenty-four online classes with professionally filmed and edited videos demonstrating the techniques
  • PowerPoint presentations and manuals that clearly describe the theory and protocols
  •  Online sessions where you'll get answers to your questions, along with additional coaching
  • Assignments and quizzes after each class to help you master the procedures and material
  • Unlimited access to classes so you can review them as many times as you like at your own pace
  • You can be paired up with an accountability partner to support your learning and growth
  • Ten days of hands-on workshops if you choose to do the Hands-on Certification

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Perform energy balancing sessions with people to make a substantial difference in their lives
  • Work with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • Use several pain relief techniques that often get immediate, profound results
  • Test and balance muscles related to each of the 14 meridians
  • Locate the most potent points on each of the acupuncture meridians
  • Work with lasers and magnets to balance energy
  • Balance every point on a meridian by finding the polarity each point needs to correct it
  • Discover and clear energy blockages to the organ systems before they manifest into illness and diseases
  • Determine which acupressure point to stimulate to quickly balance the entire meridian system
  • Identify a person's personality types based on TCM to better understand yourself and the nature of those around you
  • Balance the chakras using several approaches to enhance physical and psychological well-being
  • Detect and balance disturbances in the auric field to promote better health and relieve pain and dysfunction
  • Balance the Figure 8 Energy flows that can affect the physical and energy bodies
  • Work with color and sound and understand their interrelationship in healing

How You’ll Benefit

  • Build your confidence and skill in helping clients even in difficult cases
  • Know how to work smarter, not harder and get better, longer lasting results with your clients
  • Increase your income with greater value and service and attract new clients
  • Get to the source of many health issues and prevent future ones from developing
  • Receive a certificate suitable for framing acknowledging your proficiency
  • Possibly clear up some of your own health challenges
  • Have fun learning some revolutionary ways to help people live healthier, longer and more productive lives

What Others Are Saying:

"The Kinesiology Institute's programs not only provide the best instruction in Kinesiology, they also create a clear foundation into which all the other modalities can be integrated." Peggy Myers, RN, MSN, Hamden, CT

"After completing the Kinesiology Certification Program, my confidence tripled. My healing  experienced improved to such an extent that several clients encouraged me to raise my rates. I now earn more per session and see more clients. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to make a profound difference in others lives." Penny Lane, CMT, Hollywood, CA

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!

Participate in 30 days of the course and if you do not feel you're getting much more than your money’s worth in powerful and practical knowledge and skills, simply notify the Kinesiology Institute in writing within 30 days of your enrollment and you'll receive a full refund. So, you have no risk!

About Your Instructor

John Maguire is a world-renowned expert in the field of Energy Kinesiology, who over the past thirty-six years has taught tens of thousands of people from 83 different countries. He became certified in Applied Kinesiology studying with its founder, Dr. George Goodheart. He also worked extensively with Dr. John Thie, founder of Touch for Health.

Since 1994 he has been a faculty member of the Anthony Robbins Life Mastery University, where his students are continually amazed by the profound and rapid results they receive using his easy to follow methods.

As the founder and director of the Kinesiology Institute, John has presented to a wide variety of doctors and therapists throughout six continents. John is known for his ability to make complex material practical and easy to understand.

The Online Program

This Includes:

  • 24 weekly video classes on theory & technique you have unlimited access to.  Watch as many times as you like at your own pace
  • Live monthly online question and answer sessions to provide additional coaching
  • Procedural manuals and PowerPoints to give you clear descriptions of each technique

Tuition is $1,497 

  • We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal
  • To make 3 monthly payments select the second option (includes a financing fee).

To make 3 monthly payments select this option (includes a financing fee).

The Hands-on Certification Program

This Includes:

  • 10 days of hands-on training in Southern California
  • 24 weekly video classes on theory and technique with unlimited access. Watch as many times as you like.

Your investment is $2,997

To make 3 or 5 monthly payments select this option (includes a financing fee).

Attend the hands-on workshops in Long Beach, California

  • Dates to be arranged in February, 2021

Class size is limited, so register now to ensure your space!

This investment will give you life-long skills that can make you healthier and more successful in your practice!

Call to find out how you can earn your tuition as you do the program, and put yourself in place to develop a substantial income.

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