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Energy Kinesiology does not diagnose or treat illnesses of body or mind. It utilizes noninvasive muscle testing to uncover blockages in the body’s energy systems and it helps to restore balance in the body and brain to optimize the person’s well-being and performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a natural, holistic approach to creating and maintaining optimal health and well-being. This modality understands that we are energetic beings living in a sea of energy. Bioelectrical energy flows through various pathways throughout the body. When this energy flows unobstructed, we feel our best physically, mentally and emotionally.

Every aspect of our life, including our diet and environment, our lifestyle and exercise, our relationships and career, our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, as well as internal and external toxins either enhances or impedes our energy flow. In Kinesiology we use manual muscle testing as a biofeedback indicator to determine where energy is blocked and what to do to restore our bodies to optimum energy flow and balance. A muscle tests weak when there is stress blocking energy flow and it tests strong when energy is flowing.

We all possess an innate intelligence that knows how to keep us in peak health. When you experience physical or emotional symptoms or disease, the way you are living, eating or thinking is not allowing your innate wisdom to carry out its function to create perfect health. In our programs we teach how to use muscle testing to tap into this innate wisdom and get direction as to what changes you need to make to restore yourself to optimum health and balance.

There are many forms of Kinesiology that are applied to many different areas including physical and psychological health, learning and educational development, sports performance and spiritual development. All forms have their roots in Applied Kinesiology (AK), which was founded by chiropractor George Goodheart in the mid 1960’s, along with Touch For Health, a refinement of AK developed by another chiropractor, John Thie.

A person using kinesiology applies structural, mental, nutritional, and energetic balancing techniques to help people alleviate pain, improve physical and mental performance, enhance energy, balance body chemistry and emotions and enhance their overall health and well-being. Used all over the world by a variety of different health professionals, it is one of the most advanced forms of holistic health care.

How Does it Work?

​Through the art and science of muscle testing you can locate energetic and structural imbalances in the body. When energy is flowing, a muscle tests strong. When energy is blocked, a muscle tests weak. Further, you can determine which approach will be most suitable to bring the individual back into balance. Muscle testing also gives you immediate feedback to confirm your corrections have been effective.

As mentioned above, our bodies are run by an innate intelligence, which is connected to universal intelligence. Through muscle testing you can tap into the body’s wisdom and get information as to what aspect of your being needs to be addressed (the physical body, diet, thinking, lifestyle, environment) and what changes need to be made to bring the body back into balance.

How Does the Person Receiving Kinesiology Benefit?

Because Kinesiology deals with the whole person, the client will experience a wide range of benefits from the simple, yet powerful techniques. You’ll have many effective tools to rapidly alleviate acute and chronic pain, increase energy, and enhance performance.

“I had a shoulder pain for eight months which I was unable to get rid of with numerous therapies. John Maguire worked on me for sixty seconds using Kinesiology procedures and totally alleviated the pain. After three years the pain has never returned.”
Marcus Shaw, PT – Pasadena, CA

Some of our graduates have worked with world-class and Olympic athletes to help them achieve state, national and even world records, as well as reduce their chances of injury. You can use this approach to bring your clients emotional benefits including removing life long stressors, eliminating phobias and post-traumatic stress, as well as enhancing performance and creativity.

Kinesiology is one of the quickest and most effective ways to help children and adults with learning difficulties. Joint conditions, including knee and hip problems, frozen shoulder and carpal tunnel, are often easily corrected. With Kinesiology you can discover which foods are depleting your energy and which foods and supplements can enhance your health and vitality.

“I twisted my knee skiing two years ago and had several months of physiotherapy including ultrasound. Until I spent 2 minutes following John Maguire’s instruction, I was never free from pain. With just 2 minutes – now it’s completely pain free!”
Simone Myers – London, England

How Can Practitioners Benefit?

A wide variety of health professionals have taken our professional training programs. This includes massage therapists, chiropractors, psychologists, acupuncturists, rolfers, medical doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, physical therapists, nutritional consultants, holistic health practitioners, personal trainers, Pilates and yoga instructors, veterinarians and occupational therapists.

What you will find is that you are able to work smarter, not harder by determining the priorities to work on to discover the core issues to address with your clients. Using this system you can expect to get immediate and longer lasting results because you are dealing with the underlying energy imbalances that are at the root of all symptoms. Kinesiology is easy to incorporate with other approaches and because it is natural and non-evasive, it is safe with no side effects.

“My participation in the Kinesiology Certification Program has given me more ways to assess the body and a wider range of tools to effect specific changes. It has had a profound impact on my effectiveness while complementing my basic approach.”
Gary Crowley, Certified Rolfer – Palo Alto, CA

If you are a health professional, studying this system will tremendously boost your confidence and effectiveness in helping your clients solve their problems and reach their goals. Because they are so much more effective, graduates of our programs often attract many more new clients using their Kinesiology skills.

“After completing the Kinesiology Certification Program my confidence with clients has tripled. My healing abilities increased to such an extent that several clients encouraged me to increase my rates. I now earn more per session and see more clients! I highly recommend this course to everyone.”
Penny Layne, CMT – Hollywood, CA

“Due to the phenomenal results I am now able to achieve using the skills I learned in the Professional Kinesiology Practitioner Program, my practice has grown tremendously. I now do over 250 client sessions per month and have clients who fly in from other states and countries!”
Danny Varela, Director of the Deep Tissue Center – Los Angeles, CA

Where Can I Study?

We offer a wide variety of programs for the general public, as well as health professionals. Take one of our free introductory online classes where you can learn simple yet powerful techniques to alleviate pain and tension, reduce stress and overcome emotional challenges right over the internet.

We have a Kinesiology Certification and Mentorship program where you can do hands-on training with us in Northern or Southern California, in the New York City area, in Hawaii and in Europe. We also have online training programs for those who cannot make it to the hands-on classes, where you can study at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

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