Kinesiology Certification Program

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  • Accurately Test Muscles to Find Energetic Imbalances
  • Balance Blood Chemistry with Acupressure Tapping
  • Help People Overcome a Sense of Being Victimized
  • Reset The Body Clock to Help Shift Workers and Jet-lag
  • Balance Brain Chemistry to Help Depression & Anxiety
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Meet Your Instructor
Dr. Sheldon Deal

Dr. Sheldon Deal is a naturopathic and chiropractic physician who is one of the original chiropractors who with Dr. Goodheart created the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK). He is the past chairman of the ICAK and former director of the ICAK board of examiners.

Dr. Deal operates one of the largest natural healing centers in the Southwest at the Swan Clinic in Tucson, AZ. He has written the books: Advanced Kinesiology, New Life Through Nutrition, New Life Through Natural Methods and the Basic AK Workshop Manual. He has taught in fifteen countries around the world. Take this rare opportunity to study with a master AK doctor!

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What Others Are Saying:

“I’ve been doing AK for 30 years and this makes it so much easier.”

Andy Linial, DC

“Dr. Deal’s online courses are very well indexed, with easy to follow procedures written under the video of each technique. I’ve found this easier to learn than any other course I’ve studied!.”

Randy Meltzer, DC

“Amazing, priceless information for me to be a healing physician.”

Rene Blaha, MD

“One of the easiest “add-on” to what you already know programs.”

Rich Clayton

“Watching Dr. Deal’s shortcuts left me amazed at how efficiently these techniques can be applied.”

Marianne Hovgaard

“This was an incredible, jam-packed seminar with a master.”

Donald Toomim

“One of the best AK programs I’ve attended.”

Michael DeFino, DC

Help Heal Others

Professionally guided videos teaching you proven techniques to help heal others and increase their vitality.

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You’ll enjoy instant access to 5 free, full length trainings for your course preview. You’ll also receive free training materials for each technique provided to you.

Deepen Your Relationships

You’ll be empowered with healing techniques to help deepen your relationships with family, friends and clients.

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