End Of February Sale On Our Advanced Courses

To help you master advanced holistic skills in Applied Kinesiology (AK) and ensure your success, enroll by this Tuesday, February 28th for a 30% discount. You’ll have lifetime access to any Advanced Kinesiology online courses you enroll in.  If you’ve taken our Kinesiology Fundamentals course, you’ll have many powerful holistic skills to expand your effectiveness as a master Kinesiologist.  Click the links below to see what you’ll learn and watch informative videos with techniques from each course.

This course will give you several advanced techniques to clear deep seated psychological challenges and attain emotional mastery.

You’ll find and clear root issues and know which techniques to use to provide fast and long lasting results.

Expect to gain powerful skills to help transform people’s lives by resolving major emotional problems, as well as further your own personal growth.

Click the video below to watch the first class


In this course you’ll learn how to assess and correct many physical conditions people commonly experience that cause pain and range of motion difficulties.

Become adept at testing all the major muscles of the body and learn signs of physical imbalances to become more confident and successful in your practice.

Click the video below to watch a preview of the course

This course gives you in-depth knowledge and skill to quickly eliminate pain by balancing the acupuncture meridians, chakras and other energy systems.

Learn how to make fast, profound shifts in people’s vibrational frequency to transform and affect all levels of their being.

Click the video below to watch an actual session


In this course you’ll learn several protocols to find and correct many common biochemical conditions that cause major health challenges for people.

Help people balance their biochemistry to positively affect both their physical and emotional state, as well as eliminate, pain, stress and depression.

Click the video below to watch the first class of the course                         

 What Each Program Consists Of:
Twenty-four online classes you can take at your own pace, and review as many times as you like with lifetime access. Get answers to your questions through support to help you master the techniques.
Receive a certificate of completion when you complete each course.
You have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so you have no risk!

Advantages these courses give you:

  • Lifetime access and support to get questions answered and gain mastery
  • Simple and easy to use techniques clearly shown in the videos and manuals from my 40+ years of practicing and teaching AK and Touch for Health
  • The best knowledge and skills from my study with AK founder Dr. George Goodheart and working with Dr. John Thie, creator of Touch for Health
  • Go at your own pace and review the videos as many times as you like
  • Get comprehensive training in all aspects of AK – Structural, Biochemical, Psychological and Energetic to be a truly effective holistic practitioner
  • Be eligible to attend an integration course applying knowledge form all four courses into sessions
Have questions? Book a time to get all your questions answered 
Click Here to schedule a Zoom or phone session to speak to me or my staff. These skills will make you much more confident and successful in your work to make a profound difference in your clients lives and increase your income.
Claim this as an educational expense on your taxes if you’re a health professional to pay less on your taxes.
A monthly payment plan is available in the shopping cart. All major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.
What others who have taken these courses are saying:
“My life has been transformed. I feel better physically and emotionally than I’ve felt in over 35 years and I now have a successful practice helping others achieve these results!”  
Veronica Willenbring, Kinesiologist

“Due to the phenomenal results I’m now able to achieve using these skills, my practice has grown tremendously. I have over 250 client sessions per month and have clients who fly in from other states!”  
– Danny Varela, LMT

I look forward to the opportunity to help you transform your career and your life with this knowledge and skill!
Wishing you the best of health, happiness and success in 2023!
John Maguire
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