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Biochemical Kinesiology Certification Class 7 Replay

with John Maguire

This class focuses on the hypothalamus, adrenals, and pituitary glands, discussing their importance in maintaining internal balance and producing hormones. 

It covers symptoms of imbalances and outlines the stages of adrenal stress. 

The class emphasizes the importance of good stress and engaging in energizing activities, as well as emotional stress release techniques. It recommends supplements and lifestyle changes for adrenal health and provides information on herbs, vitamins, and outlets for stress. 

The class also promotes self-testing techniques for health issues and recommends Dr. Natura’s products for detoxification.


In this video you’ll learn skills from the Biochemical Kinesiology Certification Program.
You’ll discover how to access the body’s innate intelligence through muscle testing to know what to do when.

with John Maguire

Founder and Director of the Kinesiology Institute
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