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Transform Your Practice Using Bioenergetic Vials Course

with John Maguire

    Principles of Chinese Medicine

The 24-Hour Clock Meridian Flow

Meridian Trace Pain Relief Technique

   Priority Under and Over Energy

Balancing the Body with One Point

Meridian Walking Pain Relief

NLP, Video Technique, and Postural Stress Release

Psychological Reversals 

Clearing Negative Beliefs and Installing New Ones

Sugar and the Brain

Clearing Trapped Emotions Using Magnets 

Neurotransmitter Dominance and Imbalances 

In this video you’ll learn skills from the Transform Your Practice Using Bioenergetic Vials Course.
You’ll discover how to access the body’s innate intelligence through muscle testing to know what to do when.

with John Maguire

Founder and Director of the Kinesiology Institute
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