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Applied Kinesiology Shortcuts of Dr. Sheldon Deal
Get faster, longing lasting results to be more successful 

Watch these AK Shortcuts from Kinesiology Institute Director

John Maguire

Learn Dr. Deal’s approach to access the body’s intelligence through muscle testing to know what to do when.

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You’ll learn the following at these times in the presentation:

  • 00:00 – Finding the Priority Under Energy using the Head Points
  • 07:50 – Testing the Quadriceps and the Necktie Effect to uncover weak muscles 
  • 09:25 – The Emergency Mode to determine what is the priority systemically
  • 12:00 – Acupuncture  Shortcut to Find Priority Under Energy 
  • 14:20 – Any Acupuncture point that needs work will circuit locate
  • 15:15 – Shortcut for testing if Chakras need balancing 
  • 15:50 – The Priority Mode
  • 17:00 – Testing and Balancing the Chakras
  • 18:00 – Testing the muscles related to the third chakra related to the Earth Element
  • 20:00 – Balancing the Third Chakra with touch, affirmation and visualization
  • 21:40 – Using finger modes to determine corrections for the Quadriceps
  • 23:00 – Balancing the quadriceps with neurolymphatics and SI 3 tonification point
  • 26:00 – Review of the finding the priority over energy procedure
  • 27:00 – Review of the finger modes cell and feather technique to release tight muscles
  • 28:00 – Review of the priority mode
  • 28:15 – Review of the Emergency Mode

with John Maguire

Founder and Director of the Kinesiology Institute


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