Books and Charts

5 Element Assessment Chart

5 Element Mid-Day Midnight Wall Chart

Acupuncture Meridian Wall Chart

Advanced Kinesiology book by Dr. Deal

Endless Energy book by Dr. Debra Greene

Energetic Kinesiology book by Dr. Charles Krebs

Power vs. Force book by Dr. David Hawkins

Touch for Health book by Dr. John Thie

Touch for Health Reference Wall Chart

Touch for Health Reference Folio

Trail Guide to the Body Anatomy book by Andrew Biel

Super Supplements book by Dr. Bruce & Joan Dewe

Your Body’s Sign Language Nutrition book by Jim McAfee

DVD Programs

DVD Set of the AK Shortcuts Part 1

DVD Set of the AK Shortcuts Part 2

DVD Set of the AK Shortcuts Part 3

DVD Set of the AK Shortcuts for the Endocrine System

DVD Set of Treat 20 Conditions with Advanced Kinesiology

Practitioner Tools

Acu- Tabs Magnetic Patches -100 count

Bach Flower Remedies Kit

Biochemical Test Kit

Color Wrist Bands – Set of 7

Color Therapy Eyewear – Set of 7 glasses

Cubit – 25” rod with carbon and magnet tips

Energy Ball

Heavy Metal Test Kit

Laser Pen

Lüscher Color Cards

EMF Shield for the Body

EMF Shield for Mobile Phone

EMF Shield for Wi-Fi Devices

Magnet (large) 2 3/8” outer diameter

Magnet (small) 1 1/4” outer diameter – set of 2

Pelvic Blocks

pH Paper

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