Applied Kinesiology for Self-Help

Watch the videos below to learn how to do self muscle testing and balance the body’s energy to eliminate pain and enhance physical and emotional well-being.

Self Muscle Testing
Balancing the Meridians Part 1
Balancing the Meridians Part 2
Testing Nutrition

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What Graduates are saying:

My life has been transformed. I feel better physically and emotionally than I’ve felt in over 35 years and I now have a successful practice helping others achieve these results! Veronica Willenbring, CKP

John Maguire is a master teacher. His grasp of the material and clear, concise and easy to understand explanations provide a step-by-step progression to mastering the techniques and procedures in the course. Donald Toomim, CMT

I found Kinesiology to be the missing link in my bodywork practice. My clients are amazed by the dramatic and immediate results. It is an exciting way to work with body, mind and spirit to make the healing process more complete. Pam Sebestyn, CMT

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