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How Applied Kinesiology Can Make You A Better Therapist
Get faster, longing lasting results to be more successful 

Watch this class with the Kinesiology Institute Director

John Maguire

In this video you’ll learn skills to get to the source of health issues and eliminate pain and other conditions.
You’ll discover how to access the body’s innate intelligence through muscle testing to know what to do when.

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You’ll learn the following at these times in the presentation:

  • 01:00: Ear unrolling technique to relieve stiff necks and give greater energy
  • 02:20: The Energy body and how blocks in it can create symptoms and health challenges
  • 03:15:  Dr. Goodheart discovers AK to find the source of health issues & how to fix them
  • 04:45: John’s background and how AK transformed his practice as a bodyworker
  • 08:00: Demonstration of muscle testing and clearing back pain with AK Fundamentals skills
  • 09:40: Determining meridian imbalances that a person has to correct their health issues
  • 11:25: Muscle-Meridian-Organ relationship – assessing the reflexes where energy is blocked
  • 13:15: The Circuit Retaining mode to find what corrections need be done
  • 13:45: Using finger modes to find what approaches are need for balancing
  • 16:35: Injury Recall technique – one of the most important corrections to do
  • 19:00: Stimulating the Neurological reflexes to clear her back pain
  • 26:20: Balancing the ileocecal valve – which helps a myriad of conditions
  • 29:25: Testing for and performing an emotional stress release procedure
  • 36:00: Spindle cell and feather technique to release tight muscles
  • 36:55: Clearing energy blockage to the large intestines with neurological reflexes
  • 38:30: Courses Online and in Long Beach and San Rafael, California
  • 41:00: Reassessing the results where she finds her back pain is gone
  • 42:00: Providing a home program for her to continue to be pain free

with John Maguire

Founder and Director of the Kinesiology Institute


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